Early Childhood Development

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At the KZN Science Centre we believe in developing young minds and have developed a programme to encourage lateral thinking in our youngest visitors.

ECD Educational Activities

  • Alphabet sort- The instructor shuffles up a set of alphabet cards, then kids try to put them back into order as quickly as possible.
  • Number twister- Kids use a mat with numbers to learn numbers by putting their hand or foot in the number the instructor tells them to put. They also learn the difference between left and right.
  • Write the alphabets- Teach the kids how to write alphabets by giving them guidelines on how to move the pen.
  • Animal Alphabets- Kids learn how to learn the alphabets by naming the animals which starts with a certain alphabet.
    (We have an animal for each alphabet). They also learn about different kinds of animals. (Science Centre card pack)
  • Number Dial- Using paper plates to teach children about numbers. Take two paper plates, divide the one paper plate in 5 equal parts then you write one to five in each section. Draw circles to represent the relevant numbers in each section. In the second plate cut out a triangle shape, then put the two plates together and use puncher for the hole in the centre, then use pipe cleaner in the centre and knot the end.
  • Create a story book-By using a ScienCentre – compiled book with words and no pictures kids draw their own pictures that go along with the words with help from their parents in reading the story.

KZN ScienCentre launches Early Childhood Development

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